Seattle Animation Film Festival

Branding, Ui/Ux, Market Research, Illustration


The Challenge

Animation is at times perceived as a format primarily created for children. My primary objective is to interest and persuade Seattle residents of a wide age demographic to support  the Seattle Animation Film Festival  by showing them that animation, in it's complexity, can be for everyone.

Visual Solution

To reach my audience both young and old I chose to use playful imagery that amuses and delights children and speaks to adults (using subtle visual undertones which allude to otherworldy recreations).  As an art form able support diverse themes, animation has the ability to appeal to a wide demographic.

Design Timeline (6 weeks)

Market and user research

Client creative brief

Inspiration boards


Logo development

Merchandise collateral 


Brand Statement

To spark imagination in children &  reignites a sense of wonder in adults!

My Audience

My target audience is the Seattle resident seeking activities for free time, dates, friend outings, and/or family time.  They are invidividuals that seek challenging, dynamic, and fun content for their extracurriculars.  



The SAFF Brand 

The SAFF brand personality is happy, playful, complex, and inclusive.  I chose headline type that encapsulates these traits while maintaining legibility and recognition.  Colors are vibrant and provide a high contrast color palette which also provide excellent legibilty for billboards and advertisements.  

I want SAFF participants to engage with the playful brand by buying merchandise that is iconic and memorable