Seattle Storm Re-brand

In collaboration with Hannah Mintek  |  Photography by Taylor Feist

Branding, Market Research, Client Interaction, Ui/Ux, Creative Direction 


The Challenge

How can we grow the storm audience and increase ticket sales (in particular season ticket holders) while we compete with Seattle sports teams with large fan bases; such as the Seahawks, Sounders, and the Seattle Reign.

Visual Solution

Utilizing a dynamic re-brand that encapsulates the Storm's energetic spirit, we target a younger (18-30 year old) audience, increase viewership, expand the fanbase, and garner a greater brand awareness around Seattle & WA State.  

Design Timeline (11 weeks)

Client creative brief

Inspiration boards

Branding ; establishing character attributes & standards guide

Uniform design and development

Logo development

Print, environmental, and digital ad development

Ui/Ux for non-profit partnership splash page

Merchandise collateral; shirts, patterns, mugs, pins, bumper stickers

Environmental placemaking and stadium design



Brand Characteristics


Brand Statement

Defenders of our great city, we drive on and off the court to empower our community through the love of basketball. 

The Storm in the Limelight

When the Seattle Seahawks won the super bowl, local news outlets announced it as the first national championship a Seattle team has brought home since the Sonics’ 1979 triumph, with complete disregard to the Seattle Storm’s 2004 and 2011 championships.  Our aim as designers was to bring the Storm back in the limelight that they deserve using marketing material that engages audiences across a diverse demographic.  

How We Can Set Ourselves Apart

The Storm stands out as a team with their focus on community engagement and involvement.  We wanted to showcase this feeling of inclusivity and community in their re-brand.  



Color Palette

Using our branding exercise and visual research, we brought elements of the storm into our color palette.  Our palette represents both the warm and cold found in the color palette of a brewing storm.  A neutral grey as backdrop delivers a consistent anchor reflective of Seattle's more ominous weather patterns and skies. 


We aimed to keep our current fan base engaged and happy while bringing a new design to the table that feels energetic, accessible, and better connects with our 18 to 30 year old target demographic. 


How can we represent a women's sports team as the ferocious athletes that they are?  We search for the right imagery that reflects all the power and strength of that spirit, while envoking the circular motion of an encrouching tsunami's waves.  

Billboard Series

Advertisements connect with any basketball fan, removing the ‘women’s sport’ from the discussion and making the Storm just as relevant and exciting as any national sports team.

Web, Social Media, & Additional Touchpoints

Vital to a dynamic, far reaching brand, is ensuring delivery of all customer touchpoints.

Storm The Hoop

As a team in touch with their audience, The Storm rolls in fan participation with their #stormthehoop, inviting fans to share their best trick shots, hoop shots, layups, and more.  

Parternering with the Women's Sports Foundations' Sport4Life, The Storm is giving away opening game tickets to three young players and their family upon wining the #stormytrick #stormyshot #stormydribble challenge.  

See the website we built for this two week event here.

Fan Merchandise 

Merchandise showcases the brand in fun deliverables that harness the Storm fanbases' energy and loyalty.

Stadium Design

To better cultivate a sense of ownership and pride in their hometown it is crucial that the Storm be able to showcase their brand on a large-scale level throughout the Key Arena. To combat the challenge of a multi-use facility the Storm will be displaying the majority of its signage throughout the arena hallways with projections. Between placemaking and experiential graphics the projections will convey six regions of the arena and help guide fans throughout the stadium. Permanent projectors will serve to benefit the arena, allowing other events and concerts a cost-effective way to display motion and static designs.