Snow Falling on Cedars 

 Theater Poster

Typography, Layout, Illustration/Watercolor


The Challenge

How do get more butts into theater seats? Create a poster for the play Snow Falling on Cedars (based on David Gutterson's book) which entices with its mood.

Visual Solution

Draw from the imagery present in the dramatic storyline to produce imagery that reflects the intensity of the drama and melancholy in the plot. 

“That the world was silent, cold, and bare and that in this lay its terrible beauty” 

–David Gutterson

Design Timeline (3 weeks)

Visual research






Vectorize & place logos



Audience & Inspiration

30 to 40 somethings, whom may usually not opt for the theater because it seems 'less exciting'. 


For inspiration, I took extensive notes while watching the movie adaptation, paying attention to as many details as possible between scenes.  The movie itself was delicately lit, with dramatic contrast between lights and dark, creating beautifully melancholic and moody scenes. I wanted to capture this feeling using the fluidity and darkness of ink.

Ink Drawing

Scanning this final ink drawing and altered the image contrast & size in photoshop. Finally, I created a  foreboding window for the photograph.


I traced and altered an established typeface using a lightbox. I then scanned my results and edited the color and saturation in photoshop.

Final Poster