Spotify Campaign

For Amazon Student US

  Layout, Typography, Web Design

Advertising on Spotify

Due to Spotify's ability to use it's own customer base as a marketing asset, their platform can be especially appealing to advertisers. Thanks to all this customer data, there is a greater guarantee that targeted ads will reach their intended audience.  


Campaign Aims

These ads will run on the Spotify platform for an indeterminant cycle, aiming to target the Prime Student demographic, particularly new customers.

Design Timeline

1 week+

14 hours 

Revisions, multiple



Adobe Creative Suite 
Composition/Lay out
Strong communication skills
Web design best practices
Use of exisiting brandguide




Assets Received

Original working assets



Creative Direction

The business partner, liasons between vendor (in this case, Prime Student) and brand (Spotify), provided these product assets and photograph. The photograph was intended as an example, to appeal for a similar  'look and feel'.  Products were provided to create top-down layout.  Typography and color were restricted to the Prime Student styleguide–internal to Amazon only– consists in part of Proxima Nova typography and Prime blue as a primarily color, expressed in these designs.



Direction A 

For the innitial draft, lifestyle photography mimicking the example given was requested to be utilized. I sourced photography that matched both the look and feel of Prime Student, as well as the aspirational example provided.  Upon presentation of this first draft, the business partner decided trying to fit both lifestyle imagery and product photography was not a good direction, as to keep everything to scale, the products were forced to become too small. Therefor, we moved on to a 'product only' collage style.

Direction B.1 

Draft 1 of 'product only' collage style layout. Out of context screenshots were placed in corresponding products (mobile phone/ fire tablet).  Business partner appealed for removal of dark electronic products that were disappearing due to scaling.

Direction B.2

Draft 2 of 'product only' collage style layout.  Product were swapped out for different ones, with slightly higher contrast.

Final Graphics

After minor copy changes and subsequent revisions, two copy sets were requested and versioned out.