Thrift and DIY Culture Magazine

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The Challenge

In our lives we are bombarded with media, and at times, finding that the content we want is lacking. I wanted to create a magazine that builds community around finding alternatives for consumerist culture, with a focus on recycling and re-use in the world of style and craft.

Visual Solution

This month we bring you body positive articles that are inspiring, spark creativity, and help in support the development of one's own personal style. This empowering content shows that style is about confidence and expression, not a brand name and how many dollar signs are attached to a  product.

Design Timeline (9 weeks)

Market and user research

Visual research

Inspiration boards


Magazine Development

Sourcing copy and imagery

Photoshoots (3)


Web Design

WordPress Development

Brand Extension




Ana Raab  photography

Corinne Thrash  photography

Holly Roa  photography


Brand Statement

A hub for thrifting and diy culture, Vestido inspires creative, innovative fashion that is ethical, fun, & recycled.


My Audience

My audience is predominantly womyn interested in fashion on a budget. They pursue timeless, personal, and fun fashion that exists outside of temporary trends.  Interested in thriftiness as a means to make conscientious choices that are ethical, as well as environmental, they enjoy DIY for creative and economic reasons.

The Vestido Womyn

The Vestido womyn is seeking their own style, and is paving their own way in the world.  They seek to empower their fellow community members, and believe in developing their own voice.  Seeking creative expression in the every day activities of life, they find joy in making their space and home both beautiful and inviting. 

They are innovative, frugal, and generous.  As a problem solver, they aren’t afraid to stand out, especially while looking fabulous. Intergenerational, and from all walks of life; they are the young high schooler using their babysitting money to find the perfect skirt at goodwill, the grandmother finding fabrics at the local charity shop for a quilting project, the sister buying the ceramic pots to paint for a garden project.

Constantly looking for ideas and inspiration, the Vestido womyn loves the reader involvement and contributions, and feels a sense of support and acknowledgement from the articles and content. 

Vestido includes :

Style Features

Monthly feature (that is image heavy) of an individuals’ style bargains, featuring a spread and selection of multiple outfits.

Fashion Pieces

Featuring a company or designer that is making ethical choices or blazing a unique path.

Brain Food

An article that highlights a particular historical movement in fashion and/or changes in the production of how our clothing is made.

Lifestyle Pieces

Tips & Tools for the hunt, style guides, profiles, step by step DIY tutorials.

Brand Extension

Vestido on the Web

As an exentension of the Vestido brand and vision, Vestido readers can visit Vestido online and contribute their own content while building their community of thrifters and DIY enthusiasts.

Dynamic Content 

on tablet

On digital platforms, Vestido includes articles that invite user interaction.

Article 1:  In this particular article, readers can interact with the piece and discover more about the history of clothing sizes in the United States and how much they've changed.

Article 2: In this article on dyes and color, readers can dive deeper into content and learn more about the history of past dyeing processes, which includes how colors were derived using particular ingredients (both man-made and naturally derived).  

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