Hoi, I’m Ambár!

That’s Dutch for ‘Hi’ and Amber in Spanish.

As a designer I seek out teams that care deeply about their products, find joy in their work, and never lose their drive to add color and meaning to their users’ lives.

Making things has always been a part of my life. Since I could hold a pencil in my hand, I’ve been painting and drawing. I was born in Puerto Rico, and I grew up in Holland and Iowa. This means I make a mean rice and beans, appreciate good gouda, and know the beauty of corn fields  (yes, corn fields are beautiful). Growing up in these different environments made me a flexible and adaptable human, qualities I bring to work every day. 

 I deeply enjoy connecting with others and learning their stories. I consider this my superpower.

 When I’m not thinking about design, I love hunting for vintage treasures in local thrift stores, walking my chihuahua rescues, and watching witchy shows with Rocky, my cross-eyed Siamese.  

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